I can only treat myself as a DIGITAL HUMAN,
having development and design experience for
more than 5 years

My Location

Where do I come from and where do I live now?

The Weather Report

What is the weather in my current location?
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at New York City

My Looks

What is my weight and height?

My Radar Graph

What am I capable of? See the radar graph.

CMS Skills

How are my content management system skills? See the Circle Chart!

HTML/ CSS Skills

How's my HTML and CSS skills?

Javascript Skills

How are my javascript skills? See the Histogram!

Animation Skills

How are my animation skills? See the graph.

My TimeSheet

How did I spend my time at my previous job?

Other Tech. Skills

What else am I capable of?

Design Principles

My top three design principles

Design Process

What's my design process? See the diagram!

Experience Lists

What have I done all these years?


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